Why sometimes “comprises” is almost the same as “consists of” and other times not?

The simplest answer is — because it depends on the context. Obvious. Yet not always the context is properly taken into account by translators. As a patent attorney I know that whether it is “comprises” or “consists of” can influence the scope of a patent and consequently as much as a litigation outcome. At the beginning of my legal career I spent a lot of time correcting translations (done by professional translators!) to make sure my clients don’t lose in court in the future. This requires laser sharp precision and knowledge.

In other situations, there might also be a cultural dimension. What will be instantly understood in one culture, can be misinterpreted in another due to the lack of a certain “cultural code”. In those cases a literal, very close translation will be inferior to a creative one — the one that brings out what was meant to be said in the way how target audience will understand it. This requires cultural sensitivity.

Whether you have something in Russian which requires to be translated into English, or vice versa, contact us. We will make sure your message is translated in the right way. Precise, creative, professional.


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