Why being online matters?

They say – if you are not online, you don’t exist. Disputable. The truth is: for both a business and a professional image as such, being online just… helps. That is of course only if your online image that a potential customer (or a hiring manager or a business partner) finds, reflects the values you want to portray and the qualities you want to showcase. Otherwise you better not be there at all; which is also suspicious.

It is hard to imagine an HR manager inviting someone for an interview without prior checking him or her out on LinkedIn and in a search engine in general. It is logical. You want to know as much as possible about a person you plan on hiring.

Likewise in the abundance of choice potential customers need some extra information about you. They want their questions answered. On many occasions they also want to know a person behind the business.

Finally, would you not want to find out more about your potential business partner to avoid some surprises later on?

The problem is that building and maintaining online image takes time. One needs to identify where the online presence is needed, who are the stakeholders to engage with, what is the message that needs to be brought, how to portray the values,… Tons of things to address and keep in mind.

That’s where Wynants Writing comes into play. Together with you we discuss and analyse your needs. Afterwards we devise and implement your online image strategy. For someone it might be building an impressive LinkedIn profile. For another —creating a blog or a portfolio website. Someone else might need to ensure company’s presence on all relevant platforms.

Whatever is needed, it will just be done. For you.


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