Why is it a good idea to write things down?

Our memory, however perfect you might believe it to be, is unreliable. We tend to forget, we tend to mix up, and we even tend to create some false memories for ourselves. Thus, writing things down is a much securer way to remember.

Writing things down likewise gives a much better focus and direction. This is especially true in respect of goals and dreams. It pushes you to actually formulate them, to look at them from a different perspective. That allows you to have more clarity about your life and your path in it.

For solving a problem it helps to brainstorm the options on paper for the same reasons: clarity, focus, perspective. It also works for internal problems or conflicts.

Also, writing things down is a way to unload your operating memory. It is not necessarily limited to negative, as you can be overwhelmed by a lot of positive thoughts as well. Nevertheless, irrespective of what overwhelms you, in order to remain productive it helps to clear out the head. One of the productivity speakers – David Allen – even suggests we write every single task, ranging from buying groceries to complex work projects, because

writing things down “clears space in your head for more important topics”.

Writing things down is a way to track your progress. When you literally scratch items off the list or see where you were two months ago compared to where you are now, that helps a lot to enhance your self-esteem.

Not everyone is into writing though… You might be short on time or simply not a writing type.

In such cases, we would be glad to take the burden off your shoulders and write for you 🖋

Contact us and allow your stories to be captured!


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