Your thoughts on paper

When you are a busy executive, you casually have many ideas in your head worth pursuing, but no time to even write them down. Even more, when you are telling something, it has lots of details and twists and even a splendid wording, but… one must never ask you to repeat what’s been said! You tell it once and if not fixed, all the tiny details which are so important, are lost. A pity.

We have a solution!

Now you can quickly describe the nitty-gritty of your idea and receive your thoughts on paper summed up in a memo. Not as a rough transcript, but as a thoughtful document, focusing on the essence.

It’s a proven fact that ideas written down are more likely to be realised. Thus,

can you imagine how many great things can become possible, if you just have them written?

Practically speaking, we either set up a call (skype) or you just record yourself talking for 30-60 min and send us a file (e.g. via dropbox). Couple of days later you have a first step towards new creations in your mailbox.

Shall we discuss?


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